Sunday, 6 December 2009

Starts Typing
sorry i hvd been busy and not updting my blog quite tht long as iym totally busy in wrking and stuffs .so yea , its 3.14am and iym not yet asleep , i wont updte my blog daily fre this holiday fre sme reason .kays , eeqahsiow had jst create a blog herself*keningkening* hms , iym missing ya darm fcuking much . jmpe asap tawtaw ,nyett . hannaJ pun si panter tuh pun ,hees . and the rest of them lah . missing ajib aloot ! darm lots , but was glad atleast i met him lst week . but yet stll missing *sadsad* my phne jst brokedwn , it was a fcking shit incdent hppen at wrk . really regrt carryng tht phne to wrk , urgh . ddy prmise to get me a new phne , hrphrp uy . and waiting fre my nike high dunk to arrvd . shld be here about 1 or 2 weeks . and ya eeqahbby , the post u wrote bout me was accly sweet . almst cried out , u knw me kan . crybaby , huakhuak ! bantal dha memnggl , so shld stop here uy . BYEEK !


Sunday, 8 November 2009

Okays , so today accly izati tqnaq go classouting , but then chngd my mind ,krekrekrek . ddy send me to eastcoast as it was a lstmint answr to go or not . so mmy ,ddy went to kaorke and iym off to eastcoast . myt them at their pit , skip playd water , shots sme photo , smoke ,laugh ,shout .kay lame , left thre at arnd 9 and when slackng dgn micky ,wanqi and don . don left and tnggal three of us jeek . slack till er 1plus uy gytu thenthen go hme . now iym missing eeqah , hanna ,yat , ajib and isyam and oh ya elly too *sadsad* hmm , must myt asap sial . need them bdly . okay uy , BYEEKS


Iym one of a kind
Hate me then leave cause i dnt need you.
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